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Welcome to Naheem stables, where the main horses in this stable are big Percheron horses and arabians - we are now trying to add Harlequines too! The Harlequines types will surprisingly be after coldblooded and the fullblooded! Naheem stables is placed in the middle of no-where, the horses lives in the open space, and get to spend as much time utside as they want, their stables are always open so they can go in when they want and walk out again. Only in the night-time the horses get to sleep indoors. These horses lives after the horsemanship principles - and therefore always have access to hay/ and eats up to 24 times a day - the machines stands for that.

Main Focus
CL and BL Harlequines are the main horses that there will be focused on, but also the fullblooded arabians will also accur! The big drafts will only be for fun. I can't find the places for these giant but I love to have them in my stable - they bring ease to my mind! BUT BUT BUT! Thanks to OfDarkestFantasies I now am in LOVE with demon horses haha :D so lots of them too of course!

The stable
---coming soon---

The barn
---coming soon---

NH's Stallions
NH Everybody's Mongollos/Pura Raza Espaņola
NH Azyroth's Noir/BL Harlequine
NH The Flame Of Freak/BL Harelquine, Eridanus, Demon
NH Roy's Griev

NH's Mares
NH Jahskwa Azarek/CL Harlequine
NH Raqs El Naar/Egyptian arabian of Koheilan bloodline
NH Playful Grothyle/BL Harlequine
NH Blue Eyed Corp/Shire
NH Playing With Ice/ Eridanus, Demon, Egyptian Arabian

NH's Fillys

NH's Colts

NH's Foals
None Now


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Salix-Sericea Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Thanks for the :+fav:
NH-stables Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No prob it really helped! And thanks for the Lama :D
MissDudette Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Hola! *Tattered-Dreams let me know you had posted on our conversation, so I wanted to replay back. :)

Now I know I'm not part of the discussion, but I'm arabian myself and I have stables in egypt with arabians of the purest :P!

And I stumbled over your talking about arabians :D! So just brush me of if I'm irritating ;)!

But the arabians ARE "One" of the oldest breeds, yes they are in most horses BUT, remember that the arabian are not one of the ONLY oldest breeds :)! there are some horses that are defined in types as the originales, and the drafts + arabians each have their own type that they are descendet from(spelled? xD). That's why some places you have the "rough" type or the slim athletics :) in the nordic places or what you call it, have the rough icelandic ponies as their "original". That could be why the Romans didn't have anything on the arabians, because they used those small but strong ponies. And later on they got hold of the bigger type with more stamina. And If you watch movies, and pictures of old times, the ONLY ones who rode these beauties where the higer ups.

And the beduins/sheiks and all the arabians who bred the pure ones kept them in secret, their breeding stock/book on their bloodlines and family tree's were as sacred as the koran - their holy book. So that could also be another reason for why there isn't much recorded about them :)As Tattered mentioned, theu really are creatures right under god, they are mentioned int he holy koran so that is 100000000% the reason they were kept a secret. BUT then times began to change, and as a big offering/gift of grattitude the sheik would offer his best stud/mare to the other lands kings. That's how the arabian horses came wide around the world. But also because the arabians/mideastern people had conquerd some places f. example spain? Their horses are descendants of arabians and that's because they won spain once. I hope I haven't lost ya xD haha

And I know that the tail bones does as you say give them the high carriage of the tail. And the arabians talk about that the ribs are for seeing who is pure or not - but THIS is only between arabs, and their stables ;)

I only buttet in because I as I said have a stable in egypt, where they breed the finest and purest - If you ask my uncle, and I have a beautifull mare that are after Koheilan bloodline :) remember there are 5 bloodlines of arabians, each breeds a different arabian, built, stamina, exterior.

I hopw it helped and sorry I just wrote all this haha xD

A lot of why I'm asking is too find out how old the breed is and how they influenced the Spanish Andalusian. I was trying to deduce whether the Arabian breed went farther back than the Romans, perhaps to Babylon. Would you know at all?

I told Tattie I wondered whether that high tail and less ribs might have been a choice trait the Bedouins bred into their horses. It seems so!

I believe the Romans had an Andalusian ancestor of some sort. The modern Andalusian didn't come until after Muslim rule was replaced with Christian rule in the 1400s, but Arabian blood had moved into the Andalusian breed (and made it better). I don't think they had ponies, but they may have had draft crosses, like warmbloods. The Roman sculptures show horses like this.

The thing I'm confused with is that those horses look like modern Andalusians, so I think the Arabian should have been in Roman times helping to create a good breed. But the Romans have no record, and the Bedouins had no record or were too secretive. This makes me wonder; what made the gorgeous horses in Roman statuary if they have no Arabian records?
NH-stables Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmm... I like your question xD! I'll search and ask my uncle, but I do think that they have once talked to the middle eastern and either stolen an arab or got one as a present and startet it from there, but THAT I'm unsure of, could be a possibility but I'll look into it! :D Got pretty curious myself! :=
MissDudette Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Let me know should you find more info. ^^
NH-stables Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will :)
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave :)
MissDudette Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012

Do take a looksee at :iconharpg-newsletter:. We be chockfull of features and articles and other cool stuff. Have a gander, and get to watching! :D
NamekianKAI Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
:thanks: Thanx for the :+devwatch:
nyx-vampire Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
u can join just not as co-founder
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